50 Cents - Community-driven token, backed only by the name
Contract address of 50 Cents token is 0xb39f922fdd02e029d506db0d2fdf9c7174468aff
Contract 0xb39f922fdd02e029d506db0d2fdf9c7174468aff
Main idea


Hi, my name is Iskander

And I think, that a lot of Stablecoins is backed only by human psychology.

They said people, that their token costs $1 and only because of that, price of their token = $1. And I think, that anyone can create token and say "My token should be $1" and it will be work. But it`s only my thoughts and I want to prove it. I create a token, that should cost $0.50. Why not?

I set initial price at $0.01 to check the possibility of reaching a price of $0.50. If we will do it and the price will be $0.50 for a month, at least - experiment was successful.

Let`s do it!

Only community-driven

Why not a scam?

1. Founder is not hidden. You know, who is founder of token.

2. 75% of tokens are in liquidity pool.

3. Small emission (Max capitalization is $200 000 at price of $0.50).

4. Exit Scam is impossible, because all LP tokens will be locked on Unicrypt for 5 months.

Token distribution




Total emission is 400 000. And 30 000 of them will spend on marketing, 50 000 on private sale, 20 000 are reserved by team. 300 000 will be in liquidity pool on PancakeSwap.

Total emission: 400 000 Tokens

Symbol: 50CENTS

Initial price: 50CENTS = $0.01

Type: BEP20 (BSC)

Contract address: 0xb39f922fdd02e029d506db0d2fdf9c7174468aff


Founder of 50CENTS token

Iskander Mamedov
Cryptoiska, Influencer (20k Followers)

P.S. Rap artist 50 Cent has NO relation to 50 Cents token and this experiment.
"I don't know what you heard about me"